Your Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Partner

Smart Sustainable Solutions

EMS promotes exceptional experience to deploy innovative methods for better Net Zero Building, Energy & Cost Optimization for new developments, and efficient Smart Cities utilization.


Net Zero Buildings

Net Zero Energy buildings combine energy efficiency and renewable energy generation to consume only as much energy as can be produced over a specified time period.

EMS offers comprehensive net zero energy solutions beginning with reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency prior to application of renewable energy technologies.

Service offerings include finance options to ensure operational cost reductions and to meet the building owner’s commitment to carbon neutrality.


Energy & Cost Optimization

Most of the real estate developers and owners are currently interested not only in reducing the operating cost that the owner will pay after occupancy, but also they have concerns on the capital cost of their property under construction. EMS addresses this by reviewing the design team’s submittals by our energy experts and providing recommendations to improve the efficiency of the MEP design.

Our recommendations are not limited to the reduction of the operating cost but it will have a substantial reduction in capital cost as well.


Smart Cities

EMS has the know-how to optimize the city infrastructures & portfolios to provide modern, efficient and people-oriented services through adopting sustainable technologies for green cities in collaboration with the leading international experts. Smart city applications include building portfolios, transportation systems, healthcare, education, and sustainable tourism.