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Saudi Aramco Al Midra Tower, KSA

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Sustainability Consultancy for LEED Platinum BD+C Certification


Saudi Aramco

Project Brief

NEAR ZERO ENERGY - 95% LEED PLATINUM Client: Saudi Arabian Oil Company (ARAMCO) Built Up Area: 73,000 m2 (785,766 ft²) Project Value: $150 Million USD 10MWp PV Solar – Car Park mounted 1kWp = 1,609 kWh/Yr

Al-Midra Complex in Dhahran uses solar panels that double as sunshades over its 4,500 parking spaces. Covering

An area of 198,350 square meters and using over 126,000 solar panels, it stands as the world’s biggest car-park shade and generates 10 megawatts of energy for the Al-Midra Complex.