Your Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Partner

Policy Institutional & Capacity Building

EMS supports its clients in placing well-structured policies and strategies, conducting training and awareness programs, and developing sustainability reporting to achieve their sustainability goals.


Policies & Strategy

EMS has a profound and broad experience in assessing, benchmarking and developing energy, water, and sustainability policies taking into consideration economic, social and environmental aspects. We support entities from private and public sectors to turn environmental threats into sustainable opportunities.


Training & Awareness Program

EMS develops and devises specific programs aiming to promote the sustainable development approach that will boost environmental awareness, natural resource preservation, adoption of modern technologies, and creating new economic opportunities for the youth.


Sustainability Reporting

EMS through its long experience in the sustainability domain will help develop the sustainability report that will enable companies to be more transparent about the risks and opportunities they face, giving stakeholders greater insight into performance beyond the bottom line.