Historically latex pillows were all made in moulds measuring 60 x 40 cm, as against the usual size for a standard fibre fill pillow of about 68 x 40 cm. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. At busy times, especially prior to Christmas the whole system becomes swamped and lead times can double, but most of the time deliveries are predictable and reasonably prompt. At TLC we are all about good health and well being. Like. From $99.99. Country NSW, Brisbane and Adelaide can take between 3 and 5 days depending where you are and far country, WA and NT can take up to a week or more. • Sometimes the pillow/bolster has a noticeable smell when you open the packaging. • Care instructions for Bamboo cover. If it appears to be held up, there is a facility online to request an investigation. Furthermore, this latex has many small holes in it that allow air to circulate, which keeps you sleeping cool through the night. Breathable; Durable; Naturally absorbent; Environmentally friendly; Sustainably sourced; Hypoallergenic; Available in multiple heights; 10 year limited warranty ; View Pillow. All pillows have some type of filler: polyester, foam, down feathers to name a few. The short answer is no. Years of first hand feedback and research tells us that TLC latex pillows compare extremely favorably to all other pillows available on the market in this regard. Synthetic latex may give off a stronger odor, either chemical or rubber, … Does rubber smell go away? For all the detail and technical stuff go to our ‘More about Health’ page https://www.tlclatexpillows.com.au/more-about-health/. Latex pillows have been carefully and uniquely crafted which allows them to retain their original shape and firmness as opposed to traditional pillows. It comes only in one height and firmness, but is a great value at $50. 2. The Best Latex Pillows. If geese are plucked alive, the feathers and down regrow. • Keep latex pillow/bolster away from direct sunlight. The down from grey ducks works just as well as white, which is a little dearer; but white looks a lot cleaner in the finished product. It has proved popular among allergy sufferers, too, as it is resistant to dust mites and mildew as well as being antibacterial. Why we chose it: The description is impressive and it's a Coyuchi bestseller: "It's designed for proper spinal alignment, relieving pressure on your head and neck. I paid $45 for it, which seems completely reasonable for something that you spend a third of your life on. I have had mine for 3 days now, airing it out, but still stenches with a big rubber smell. If down is washed or dried at high temperatures, or if it remains wet for too long, the smell may get stronger. how do i get rid of the smell of latex. Please be assured that returned pillows are never resold. Purchased a classic Dunlopillo pillow from Kogan. Dreamsweet Natural Latex pillows are available in standard, queen and travel roll sizes. It’s also a good choice for those who are looking for a pillow that’s a bit firm, responsive and sleeps cool. For latex pillows this particularly means keeping them out of direct sunlight and for all products washing and care instructions must be strictly followed. The shredded latex pillow has the same return policy as the above contour pillow. We know there are latex pillows out in the market that smell strongly of anything ranging from rubber to sweet biscuits to rancid fat to chemicals and this is normally because they haven’t been processed properly after vulcanising or they are made from blends of synthetic latex. Pros. The most common drawback is the undesirable “rubbery” smell when new, however this is usually limited to synthetic latex pillows. These pillows may appear a bit pricier than typical pillows but they offer value for money. Synthetic and Hybrid Latex Beds. The SWEESLEEP comes in two different size options. It wasn’t quite as spongey or soft as I expected it to be. It’s also the least expensive of the three. Itch¥feet. Latex pillows are offered in today’s market as an organic, natural and “green” alternative to other pillow types. At TLC we pride ourselves on exquisite customer service. This latex pillow is made from 100% natural Dunlop Latex and is eco-INSTITUT and Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified. We are only too happy to assist you further. Yes! • Keep latex pillow/bolster away from direct sunlight. I bought a Latex pillow from another place which doesn't smell as strong ... i'm just wondering what is the normal level. Latex is sturdy, but it can still mold if not dried quickly, and a Latex Pillow can not go in the washing or drying machine. However, we have now added a choice of three 70cm long pillows to our range - THE BIG, THE BIGGER and THE BIGGEST. Mattress . It comes from a company that has been making quality bedding products for decades. User #185942 22858 posts. More. And, you can wash the pillowcase, but not the hulls. Ring 0412100587 with all your details and we will process your order for you and send confirmation by email. Ducks are never live plucked because their feathers do not regrow. Please note: For those with smell sensitivity, you will notice notice the smell of latex. The hulls rubbing together also makes a rustling noise that may wake sensitive sleepers.