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Zawya Projects Interviews CEO of EMS, Mr. Khaled Bushnaq, on his upcoming project to benefit the UAE

Written by EMS

Zawya Projects conducted an interview with the CEO of EMS, Mr. Khaled Bushnaq, to reveal his plans for energy efficiency across the UAE and emphasize that ‘Green is not an option, it is a must’.

EMS will be in the spotlight this summer as they prepare to commence their Mabanina project to transform the UAE’s energy sector. In a joint initiative, EMS and Etisalat Facility Management (eFM) plan to reduce the utility bills and carbon footprint of existing buildings in the UAE by improving their energy efficiency. Building owners will be given the opportunity to upgrade their air-conditioning and lighting systems to become more economical and environmentally friendly. With full support from the government, annual building costs will experience savings of up to 25%.

Mr. Khaled Bushnaq, Chief Executive Officer of EMS, revealed that Mabanina offers ‘a win-win situation’, which will enable the UAE to achieve its green target. Mabanina offers a sustainable solution to the fluctuating energy costs and energy insecurity across the globe.

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