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UAE shows off its Energy Sustainability efforts at Climate Conference in Paris

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As the Conference of Parties (COP21) climate conference ended last week in Paris, the United Arab Emirates is celebrating its successful participation in the talks, where the nation’s pavilion touted the UAE’s latest sustainability initiatives.

The Gulf nation showcased various innovations in clean energy at its pavilion. UAE Minister of State and Special Envoy for Energy and Climate Change Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber was on hand to discuss the various energy sustainability projects underway.

“Since the founding of our country, the UAE has been developing sustainable solutions to protect the interests of future generations and address the impacts of climate change,” Al Jaber said. “The UAE pavilion is a creative display of our efforts that recognizes the progress we have made to help move the world forward toward a sustainable future.”

Al Jaber spoke about energy innovation in the UAE and around the world. He divided environmental sustainability into four main goals, or pillars: renewable energy, innovative technology, global partnerships and deployment assistance, and sustainable development.

The UAE’s pavilion highlighted various programs and projects aimed at addressing those four pillars. Among those were new research into clean technologies, national energy efficiency programs and renewable energy projects such as massive solar power plants. Al Jaber also touched on the UAE’s industrial-scale carbon sequestration and storage project and solar-powered water desalination facilities.

“The UAE is the largest renewable energy investor in the region and the country is driving clean technology breakthroughs through research and development,” Al Jaber said. “Our strategic approach in leveraging technology, innovation and global partnerships has yielded significant economic and social benefits in our pursuit to diversify our economy and protect our environment.”

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