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The World’s Most Energy-Efficient Countries

Written by EMS

The world has always been a competitive market, In every Era countries compete with Prices, Innovation, Power and furthermore. In todays world, todays Era, all countries are competing with each other to become the Worlds most Energy-Efficient Country.

List of the Worlds 12 Most Energy – Efficient Countries in the world:

1) Germany

2) Italy

3) European Union

4) France

5) China

6) Japan

7) United Kingdom

8) Spain

9) Canada

10) Australia

11) India

12) South Korea

It is Great that the world is finally competing on issues that matter and are good for mankind as a whole rather then their personal status and accomplishments. We look forward to this list changing rapidly as many projects are at hand and scorecards are very close.

The United Arab Emirates are implementing huge efforts in order to join the list of top 10, and should be there in time by       2030 due to the visionary leadership of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

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