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Survey: Abu Dhabi residents becoming more environmentally aware


Abu Dhabi residents are becoming more environmentally aware, says a new survey.

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi’s latest Environmental Awareness and Behaviour Survey shows that the capital’s residents are more aware about environmental issues and are more active in combating them.

They quizzed 2,000 residents of all ages and nationalities late last year and 68 per cent said that they were regularly environ­mentally friendly in their daily lives. Young people aged 15-20 exhibited the highest levels of awareness of green issues, citing waste management as a top concern.

In the survey, 73 per cent said they opted to carpool to help reduce their carbon footprint and 83 per cent of young people surveyed said that they switch off lights and air conditioning when no longer needed.

Sixteen-year-old student Mohammed Karim believes young people are more eco-friendly as a result of education at school.

“We’re always taught about things we can do to help the environment,” said the Palestinian. “The new generation naturally thinks like this. Our parents and teachers are realising the mistakes they made and are teaching us to be more caring about the world we live in.”



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