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Solar-powered palm trees get passersby online and save them from sun in Dubai

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Itinerant People in Dubai can now to go with palm trees online and download their phones. The Smart Palm is hi-tech version of the date palm, and is rolled by D-Idea media. In addition to Wi-Fi and charger offers local information, Directions, seating and shade.

The first Smart Palm has been installed in Dubai Zabeel Park in April and now a second, located near the Burj Al Arab on the beach, opened last Thursday. The trees are 6.5 m (21.3 ft) high and remember the Sologic eTrees. The date palm shape was chosen as a symbol of sustainability, have been for food and materials with historically it harvested.

The Smart Palms are 13.8 square meters (148.5 ft) of photovoltaic panels made specifically to the form of fit Powered “leaves”. After D-Idea Media, the plates have to be an efficiency of over 21 percent and built to provide all the power required for each intelligent Palm.

The trees offer free wi-fi with a range of over 100 m (328 ft) and have eight charging ports each. Selfie cameras allow users to self-portrait photos in Smart Palm places take place.

Touch screen monitors on the Smart Palms provide information on local news, weather, services and businesses and also provide directions to local and public transport. The screens also provide space for public information messages, government announcements and advertisements.

The Smart Palms are monitored around the clock, the. Each with a 360-degree infrared CCTV camera and an emergency button In addition to the wealth of technology, every tree, they also offer seating and shade.

There are plans to roll out another 103 Smart Palms in Dubai.

The video below gives an introduction to the Smart Palm.


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