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One Year After The Pacific Crossing – 117 Hours

Written by EMS

Solar Impulse is a demonstration of energy efficiency and smart energy management,  Flying across oceans with solar energy could only be done by finding the right balance between technology and nature.

Innovation is increasing by day, It is becoming evident that renewable energy is preforming better, Solar power applied on a plane, allowed the plane to stay in flight for an astonishing 117 hours. This is a break through in both energy and aviation industries; Planes consume a large amount of fuel per flight, now it can be near zero energy as no fuel was used in the flight of the plane.

It’s been a year already since the completion of the 5-day-and-night flight over the Pacific Ocean, something nobody has ever done before. It was the exploration leg, the moment of truth of our flight around the world: would our airplane be able to fly day and night with solar energy only, getting close to the notion of perpetual endurance? Would the pilot be as sustainable as the plane in terms of using his own energy?

The pilot prepared for the flight for 13 years, not only to prove that clean technologies can allow us to be so energy efficient than we can fly almost for ever with renewable energy, but also as a deep personal experience.

Due to the decreasing prices in Solar energy now, It will be more cost effective for the aviation industry to apply renewable energy/Clean energy on the plane rather then using fuels. Leaving the world more environmentally friendly and the consumers happier.

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