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Many Building Owners Confused About Energy Management Options

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A recent survey by Mach Energy found that building owners think they need building management systems before they can implement energy management measures, says Mach Energy president Jon Moeller in this podcast (click on the player above to listen).

Responding to the survey from Mach Energy were about 800 building professionals– responsible with overseeing everything from Energy Star scores & sustainability reporting to technology procurement & implementation.

The survey concluded that property managers are too often undereducated about energy management software, which leads to missed opportunities.

“A lot of people think they need building management systems before they can do energy efficiency,” he says in this interview, noting that building management systems can be invasive and costly.

About 44 percent of the respondents said they had energy management software in place, but 70 percent of the time, these property managers had building management, not energy management in place, according to the initial results of the survey.

The survey also found that reducing energy costs is a top reason to invest in energy management software. Property managers also expressed interest in real-time monitoring of energy, steam and natural gas usage, Moeller says in this interview.

Property managers and building owners need to be educated about the difference between building management systems and energy management systems, he says. “We need everyone to catch up.”

Mach Energy conducted the survey to get a feel for who its customers are, how the customers are moving forward, and how its products and services measure up in the marketplace.  Many respondents said they were using energy management systems–but actually weren’t, he says.

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