Mabanina Awarded the Shared Energy Saving Agreement for Gloria Hotel and Resorts

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Gloria Hotel and Resorts, UAE based Hospitality Group has recently awarded Mabanina, a leading energy solution provider, a contract to conduct an audit of its facilities.

Mabanina has been awarded the Shared Energy Saving Agreement for Gloria Hotel and Resorts with the objective of the project to perform a Detailed Energy Audit and Implementation of Energy & Operation Saving Measures (EOSM). The Audit entails an inspection of the hotel property to detect current level of energy performance, identification and assessment of potential cost – efficient measures, and implementation of the most beneficial measures.

The audit is another initiative undertaken by Gloria Hotels and Resorts towards being an Eco-friendly institute.

Mr. Freddy Farid, Area general Manager, Gloria Hotels and Resorts, said: “Gloria Hotels and Resorts is recognised as a leader in the hospitality industry, the resort’s focus on eco-friendly operations aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability: one of our key strategic initiatives that is focused on conserving resources and minimizing our footprint in the communities where we work and live and it is wonderful to announce that Mabanina will lead us to achieve our goal to becoming the UAE’s premier eco-friendly hotel”

Mabanina, a leading energy solution provider as well and facilities manager in the Middle East, has identified potential annual energy saving of 30% to 50% on electrical and water consumption. Smart Property Solutions (energy efficiency in existing buildings) facilitate the creation of smart facility through the optimization, integration, and automation of energy systems. As part of the project, Mabanina’s goal is to ensure that the proposed facilities will utilize the optimal level of energy at a reduced cost. The implementation of energy conservation measures and energy saving equipment will both be financially and environmentally sustainable for Gloria Hotel.

As Energy Partners for many clients in the Middle East over the many years, Mabanina has been actively involved in assisting its clients to strategically manage energy procurement by designing and implementing energy efficiency solutions, supplying reliable and cost-competitive energy services, and coordinating the installation of energy infrastructure and technologies. Mabanina creates an environmental friendly Gloria hotel, creating a safer world for children to live in.

Mabanina is a joint venture between Energy Management Services (EMS) & Etisalat Facilities Management (EFM).

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