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LED lighting fixtures and the Dual Power heated delivery system

Written by EMS

Going green, we hope to encourage more users to adopt green technology products. We all can help to sustain the world we live in. To conserve our natural resources for future generations, we have to be good stewards for the environment, to preserve and sustain, by creating environment friendly products.

LED lights were originally designed for placement in health care facilities because of their approximation to daylight.  However, shortly into marketing the product, we saw a universal demand across the spectrum. Incidentally, the healthcare lighting market has technical specifications which are also addressed in peripheral markets, including Green & LEED certified buildings. This natural progression of gaining market share was very important for our success. LED lights are highly energy efficient light converters, which means a very high percentage of the electrical energy is converted to light energy over a wide visible spectrum. A significant portion of the electrical energy generated by incandescent lights is converted to heat, which warms the air, making them environmentally inefficient. LED lights generate the same amount of light energy (with a better spectrum) but only 10 percent of the electrical energy usage. Therefore LEDs are considered highly environmentally efficient.

Heated food delivery systems allow restaurateurs to maintain food temperature, which is important as more restaurants provide delivery services.  Allowing users to directly plug the delivery bag(s) into 110v AC (without a power adapter) or 12v DC in the car or battery. This means there is no power lost to the environment through adapters in the system. The Dual Power Heated Delivery System eliminates the need for power racks or induction heaters, since the unit connects to any 110v AC outlets, making this very convenient. The design increases energy efficient and occupies less space, as all the electricity goes to heat the bag — it is a 100 percent green technology! The system can keep pizzas or hot foods warm in the store or in cars.The Dual Power Heated System provides: 1. food safety, 2. preserved taste, and 3. desirable food properties — hot, crispy, food with quality texture.

LED lighting fixtures and the Dual Power heated delivery system is just another way people can contribute to sustaining a green world, new technologies are being innovated daily to meet the needs of people and businesses as well. For every problem there is a solution & for every product or issue there is a way to go Green.

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