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Just a Click Away!

Written by EMS

Click…Blood Sugar monitored.

Click…Blood Pressure monitored.

Click…Heart Beats monitored.

Click…25% Energy bills saved…!!!



Ever wondered, that saving energy bills could be that easy.

Ever wondered, that you could monitor the Energy consumption levels of your numerous facilities while you were taking your morning walk…!!!

Thanks to technology…!!!

Now you can monitor the Energy Consumption Levels, from Electricity to Water to a number of other factors that can be audited in just minutes.

Energy Management Services (EMS) are such user friendly now-a-days that using technological advancements,  one can monitor the amount of energy consumed, where we can save energy and how we can save through a walk through Audit.

‘In the fast moving world the biggest challenge that the big facilities use to face is how to keep a check on the Energy and how to reduce the energy bills which is a “Shark’s Bite” in the Net Profit of an Organization.’

Hence, the solution is here by Energy Management Services – Emirates.

Using advanced technologies and a very well experienced technical team they can provide a platform where you can keep a check on various parameters of energy like, Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Maximum Demand, Forecast Demand, Rising Demand, Total Active Energy, Total Apparent Energy, Active Power, Water consumption and many others.

The goal of Energy Management Services is to reduce the amount of Energy consumed therefore leaving you with less bills to pay, that would increase savings or net profit; to become more environmental friendly that would attract customers to businesses and in homes would leave a cleaner world to your children.

In order to reach the following results, Energy Management Services applies three methods:

1- Walk through Audit

2- Detailed Audit

3- Implementation

EMS will invest its own capital, manage the project with no work place or home differences; leaving you with Zero Investment, Zero Risk and More money in your  Pockets.

To contact EMS visit: www.ems-int.com

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