Energy Effeciency ESCO (Energy Saving Contracting) Green Buildings Lighting

Energy Retrofit Under Mabanina Program for Securities and Commodities Authority Building in Dubai


In today’s fast moving world, energy is a basic requirement and the motor for development in almost all the major sectors of any economy. In order to fulfil our luxurious desires and constant need for growth, we have become an insatiable, energy-hungry society. Our buildings keep getting bigger and rising higher, our cities keep expanding and our energy needs are skyrocketing.

Nearly 70% of the total energy demand of a city is consumed by its buildings; In the UAE, many buildings are being operated & maintained without any regard to the energy consumption, asset life cycle or the corporate social responsibility of the building’s owners. Climate Change coupled with exponentially increasing Carbon Footprints are posing a threat to the World and to the planet that we intend to pass on to our children and for the generations to come.
Luxury is coming at a very heavy price. With energy costs rising year on year, everyone needs to conserve energy. Simple maths: The less energy we use the lower our bills will be.

At the forefront of innovation, and always looking forward to the future and its challenges, Emirates facilities Management andEnergy Management Services, two pioneering companies in the fields of Facilities and Energy management, saw the opportunity to make a difference – by harvesting years of cumulative Facilities Management experience, coupled with outstanding Energy Management know-how and experience.

The result of this collaboration was the successful launch of a new unique Bundled
Solution: Mabanina

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