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EMS receives GACA Accreditation

Written by EMS

The trend of Growth and development is effecting our environment, the ‘General Authority of Civil Aviation’ (GACA) works to mitigate these environmental problems by setting a process that will allow you to manage, enhance and restore the conservation of energy.

EMS is pleased to announce that our Saudi operation “esco” has been pre-qualified by the Saudi “General Authority of Civil Aviation” as an energy efficiency solution provider through our leading partner in the Saudi market for more than 65 years Shaker Group (HGISC), the sole distributor of LG Air Conditioners and world class home appliances brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our goal as esco is to reduce the amount of energy consumed in a new design and existing buildings; offering various methods and services that meet each consumers need without feeling a change in operations.

EMS accordingly with its partners will always strive to accomplish its best in reducing the amount of energy consumed and maintaining the number one Energy Management Services provider in the region.



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