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EMS Consulted KHENIZI & BARHI Substations Achieves EHS Green Building NOC-BP

Written by EMS

ETA Power Project Division awarded Sub-Consultant contract of EHS Green Building Consultancy Services to EMS in order to obtain EHS approvals for Khenizi & Barhi Substations, Dubai. The EMS experts have successfully achieved EHS Green Building NOC-BP (Building Permit).

EMS’ strong reputation in the region ensures they are leading green building consultants in the Middle East. ETA’s aim was to optimize their energy, water and material efficiency, which is achieved through EMS’ expertise on design and engineering disciplines. The implementations of the green building methods, materials and technologies for the Khenizi & Barhi Substations are both financially and environmentally sustainable for ETA Power Project Division.

EMS encourages and leads the way for a greener and more sustainable future. As Energy Partners for many clients in the Middle East over the past two decades, EMS has been actively involved in assisting its clients to strategically manage energy procurement. EMS design and implement energy efficiency solutions, supply reliable and cost-competitive energy services, and coordinate the installation of energy infrastructure and technologies. EMS additionally is certified in LEED, Estidama, QSAS and many more.

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