EMS chosen as EHS Consultants for UNEC’s Latest Project

Written by EMS

Energy Management Services (EMS) is set to work with United Engineering Construction (UNEC) as EHS Consultants for their latest project, Town House in Al Furjan, Dubai.

EMS’ strong reputation in the region ensures they are leading Green Building Consultants in the Middle East. UNEC’s aim is to optimize their energy, water and material efficiency, which will be achieved through EMS’ expertise on design and engineering disciplines. EMS’ Green Building Consultancy Service will provide Green Building guidelines for UNEC’s Town House Project, which will be adapted to their requests as well as the local requirements of the UAE. The implementation of these green building methods, materials and technologies for the Town House Project will both be financially and environmentally sustainable for UNEC.

EMS will work with UNEC to create a successful program that will guide the building professionals to build green buildings successfully. The project involves the EHS Consultancy for Construction Phase of the Town House  Project in order to obtain the desired results. As part of the project, EMS’ goal is to ensure that the proposed energy facilities will provide optimal energy at a reduced cost.

EMS encourages and leads the way for a greener and more sustainable future. As Sustainability Partners for many clients in the Middle East over the past two decades, EMS has been actively involved in assisting its clients to strategically manage energy procurement. EMS design and implement energy efficiency solutions, supply reliable and cost-competitive energy services, and coordinate the installation of energy infrastructure and technologies. EMS additionally is certified in LEED, EHS, DM, Estidama, QSAS and many more.

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