Cars in UAE to have fuel efficiency rating next year

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All new vehicles will have star ratings reflecting fuel consumption levels

All vehicles entering the UAE from 2017 model year will be rated according to their fuel efficiency levels.

Emirates Standardisation and Metrology Authority (ESMA) has revealed that the details of the new rating system have already been communicated to all manufacturers and importers.

“All vehicles coming to the UAE will have energy efficiency labels from 2017 model year. The technical requirements were approved by GCC and ESMA’s Board of Directors in 2015. A new regulation was issued last year and was communicated to the manufacturers who will have to comply with the rating system for the next model year,” said Abdullah Al Muaini, Director General of Esma, speaking exclusively with Gulf News.

All vehicles will be categorised according to six rating levels, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Average, Poor, Very Poor. The more efficient the vehicle, higher the rating it will get.

“This is part of our efforts to improve the environment and promote eco-friendly vehicles. The system gives consumers a choice to choose vehicles based on its fuel efficiency rating. We want fuel efficiency to factor prominently with the consumers when they decide to purchase a car,” added Al Muaini.

Vehicles with a fuel economy of 14.7km per litre or higher will have the highest rating of ‘Excellent’.

Vehicles with the fuel economy of up to 14.2km/litre will be rated ‘Very Good,’ while those vehicles with the consumption of 13.6km/litre will have ‘Good’ rating. Any vehicle with the fuel consumption of 13km/litre will be rated ‘Average,’ while all vehicles with the economy of 12.5km/litre with have a ‘Poor’ rating and those with an economy of and less than 12.49km/litre will be rated ‘Very Poor’.

“The label should be prominently displayed so that it is clearly visible to the consumers. It will be displayed on the inner side of the vehicle, on the rear left hand side window by the manufacturer of the vehicle. In case it cannot be installed on the rear left hand window, the label will be displayed on the front left hand side window,” he said.

Initially, the rating stickers will be displayed only on passenger cars and light duty vehicles with maximum weight equal or less than 3,500 kg.

Heavy vehicles are also expected to be covered under the system, with a different set of ratings, in the next stage.

Al Muaini said that ESMA will constantly monitor the market to ensure that all passenger and light duty vehicles are provided with the vehicle fuel economy label.

He added that the rating system will not only help consumers make their choice, but will also encourage manufacturers to work harder in making their vehicles more fuel efficient.

“We hope that the new system will set in a positive trend and competition among the manufacturers to get most of their vehicles’ highest ratings,” he said.

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