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7 Benefits that come for Residents and Environment with Green Building

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Buildings account for nearly half of the world’s total material, water and energy consumption. These figures have resulted in several companies rethinking their construction projects, adopting eco-friendly practices to construct green buildings. In addition to using fewer resources, these green buildings would be less taxing on the environment in the long run. Accordingly, here are some benefits enjoyed by green buildings around the world which would probably urge other buildings to follow suit in the near future.

Lowered Costs

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One of the main benefits a green building can enjoy is lowered operating and maintenance costs. A green building that invests just about 2% in eco-friendly initiatives would surely get back at least 10 times or more of the initial investment. Hence, spending even as less as $10000 for green design would help a building get back that amount in lowered operating and maintenance costs within year or two.

Low Environmental Impact

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Another benefit a green building can enjoy is the sense of peace that prevails upon finding out that the establishment has minimal impact on the environment and its resources. Green buildings make use of efficient design features to minimize the use of materials and their wastage. They also ensure to use sustainable materials in as much of the construction phase as possible. The recycling projects run in these buildings add to their eco-friendliness.

Healthy Occupants

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Studies have revealed that indoor air can be more contaminated than outdoor air. It has been noted that non-green buildings are at risk of a greater concentration of indoor pollutants. Green buildings on the other hand, minimize indoor air pollution via the use of non-toxic materials for construction as well as healthy ventilation systems in the design. This, in turn, keeps indoor air clean and pure, thus keeping the occupants of the building safe and healthy as well.

Improved Workplace Productivity


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A better health and lifestyle would automatically promote increased productivity. The same studies that link green buildings to cleaner indoor air also point out that the reduced risks of illnesses and infections in these buildings lead to a workforce that is healthy, happy and ready to give more.

Green buildings around the world enjoy higher productivity levels when compared to non-green buildings, with absenteeism in green buildings reduced by nearly 40% or more. In addition to this, the pleasant working conditions and surroundings make it easy for green buildings to attract new employees as well as retain existing ones.

Reduced Utility Costs

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Another benefit green buildings get to enjoy is reduced utility costs; a factor which is often overlooked. Green buildings place less demand on resources like water, electricity and gas, and can operate efficiently with fewer resources when compared to non-green buildings whose efficiency directly depends on the amount of resources they consume.

Many green buildings are also certified net zero structures, meaning they produce their own electricity and even feed surplus back to the utility grid, thus enjoying literally zero energy costs throughout the year.

Increased Market Value

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With the demand for eco-friendly construction projects increasing steadily, there is no doubt that the market value of green buildings would increase substantially over the course of the next few years.

Individuals on the lookout for new homes or offices would definitely find the option of a green building lucrative, more so when they do not need to invest anything extra and still get to enjoy the benefits it offers.

Increased Tax Benefits

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Another salient feature that usually goes unnoticed is the tax benefits green buildings get from the government. Many local and state governments offer lucrative tax benefits for buildings that follow eco-friendly construction and operational practices.

Green buildings enjoy a myriad of benefits when compared to non-green buildings. From reduced utility costs and tax benefits to higher occupancy rates and increased productivity, these are some of the benefits a building can get by choosing to go green.

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