EMS has earned an enviable reputation throughout the Middle East, and have had a number of projects acknowledged for their excellence,
EMS has a large number of associates in the Middle East area, UK, USA, Canada, and Denmark.
EMS is an active member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).
EMS engineers are members in the ASHRAE and IEEE, Building Commissioning Association (BCA), Commissioning Process Management
Professional accredited, Jordan Engineers Association, Delta Networks, and other professional networks and societies.

EMS was the recipient of the “Special Recognition Award”, presented at the 16th World Energy Congress (1993), in Atlanta - Georgia / USA. 
EMS (EMS-Jordan) has won in 2003 “Jordan First” Distinguished Award on the national level and came second in cycle 3 of King Abdullah II Award for Excellence (2003-2004),
the highest level of recognition of quality in Jordan. Recently,
in 2010, three (3) long term ems staff replica orologi members received the prestigious ‘Legend in Energy’ recognition from AEE.